Metal Processing Rolls & Tube Mill Rolls

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Proper designing, selection of raw material, salt bath heat-treatment, and CNC finished profiles help to maximize the tonnage per regrind and yields quality end products.

Roll designing is a very critical stage as it affects the cost of the rolls, life of the rolls, productivity of the mill, and the quality of the tube / section. DeeTee uses COPRA ( German) software for the roll designing. The customer has to provide only the basic details of the mill and the input and output details.
The tube mill rolls are made out of superior quality imported tool steels. Mostly AISI D2 / 1.2379 / SKD11 AND AISI D3 / 1.2080 / SKD1. The rod mill rolls are generally subjected to very high working temperatures and so are made from hot work tool steel grades like AISI H13/ 1.2344 / SKD 61.
Salt bath heat-treatment is considered to be the best for tool steels. The high-carbon-high-chromium grades are through hardening steels i.e. , when heat-treated they attain the hardness right from the outer surface till the inner core. Proper heat-treatment gives good toughness, wear resistance and uniform hardness to the  rolls used in rod mill, tube mill, wire rod mills.
The profile of the rolls are finished on CNC machines resulting in high surface accuracy and bright shiny finish of the rolls.
DeeTee has a production capacity to make rolls up to 600mm diameter.
DeeTee has a production capacity to make rolls up to 700mm diameter
We manufacture various types of rolls for all metal processing in rolling mils Like
Tube Mill Rolls, Rod Mill Rolls, Tube Mill Tooling, Wire Rod Mill Rolls, Tube Mill Shafts, Forming Rolls, Tube Forming Rolls, Bar Mill Rolls, Section Forming Rolls.

Metal Processing Rolls that are manufactured by DeeTee is used for :

  • WIRE RODS     

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